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Hi I’m Maoliosa Bond and I am the owner of Irish Dancing Shop. I’m a World champion Irish dancer, mentor and teacher from Derry in the North of Ireland. Thanks for taking the time to let me share our story with you. We are a small community of Irish dancing enthusiasts with lots of passion and experience. It all started when...

"Irish Dancing is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle"

  • Maoliosa’s mother Pat Henderson had already world titles to her name seen here on the picture competing at a local competition where the stage was on the back of a lorry. Local and country feis’ and festivals where often held like this in those days. (Shown in waste coat in the image to the right)

  • 1972

    Pat seen here with an array of many of her dancing awards, when the medals where solid silver. Pat went on to do her TCRG with An Coimisiun and opened her own school of dancing which was the Pat Henderson Academy. Pat had performed and taken part in many early television programmes like the Ed Sullivan Show with stars such as Elvis Presley, Bing Cosby, Sammy Davis Junior to name but a few, touring 32 states of America unheard of in this era.

  • Maoliosa followed in the footsteps of mother Pat Henderson and started dancing at the tender age of 2. She then progressed on to become a very successful dancer winning many titles locally, internationally and like her mother she won 1st medals in the all-Ireland international championships (now known as the world’s). Maoliosa here at a young age on the extreme right has continued the passion for dance with her on daughter (Kayla) seen here in the blue dress.

  • 1987

    Through her passion for dance she decided to study at Litton Lane dance studios based in Dublin which is known to this day for Training fitness professionals since 1987 expanding her knowledge to qualify in teaching aerobics and dance. Maoliosa then went on to choreograph many stage shows and tours worldwide performing at internationally recognised venues such as Disney World Florida, BBC, UTV and RTE productions.

  • At the age of 21 with all her achievements she was able to open her own dance school, Fascinatin’ Rhythm. For 15 years Maoliosa nurtured many stars and choreographed many shows which involved young cast members including Bronagh Gallagher who starred in popular films such as Pulp Fiction, Thunder Pants, You Me and Marley Stars wars episode 1 and Sherlock Holmes.

  • 2001

    Maoliosa opened the Irish dancing shop and now has her dream job using her years of experience and continuing her love for dance sharing her knowledge and experience with Dancers of all levels. In her home town, Derry, she created cross community dancing for beginners and brought communities from conflicting backgrounds together through the Art of Dance.

"Our legacy as World Champion Irish Dancers - and as the teachers and mentors to new generations of World Champions - means that we have the insight and experience to save parents, trainers, beginners and children a lot of time and pain."

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