What size of pomp do I need for a beginner Irish Dancer?

We advise that you buy the same size as the shoe size initially so that there is no discomfort to the dancer.

What size of heavy shoe do I buy?

This depends if you are a beginner intermediate or advanced dancer.We would advise a beginner to buy the same size or half a size up from their shoe size as most of the first term will be about learning to treble properly and put steps together ,so you will want them to last at least a year. An intermediate dancer will already know some of their dances and will want a shoe that fits neatly to the foot ,normally same size as shoe size or half a size smaller to allow the shoe to form to the foot when stretched. An advanced dancer will need a shoe smaller than their shoe size half a size or a full size depending on the dancers foot and their own preference,this shoe needs to fit like a glove after stretching takes place.

Do I buy a flexible shoe with a suede sole or a leather sole?

Preferable a leather sole for beginners, this helps to keep the feet on the ground whilst they learn to treble properly. Sometimes a suede sole can be too flexibe at the beginning and lead to the dancer having difficulty learning to treble as they are too high on their toes

What is the advantage of having a suede sole ?

A suede sole allows for greater flexibility of the foot , needed from intermediate level up. The foot can point better and the shoe will aid in the flexible movements that the dancer is now able to acheive. Asuede sole also is required for toe walking (when the dancer stands on point)

What advanced heavy shoe do I buy?

Ther are specific requirements that you should consider when buying a heavy shoe. Always get a shoe that has a shank in it . This is the part of the shoe between the heel and the arch of the foot . This will be paramount in avoiding injury as too soft a shoe can give not enough support and ankle injuries and breaks are commom place. Buy a shoe from a reputable source so that if there is a problem you can return for inquiry and help.Do not buy the "latest fad" these shoes tend to be short lived and have not been tested thouroughly. Remember that too soft means little or no wear and ultimitly can be a danger to your feet and ankles. Stay away from shoes that apparently need no breaking in.

When can I get a solo dress?

There are many branches of I rish dancing now so its always good to check with your teacher on this one.Normally a child must have completed there beginner level ,regardless of organisation. Do not buy a solo dress without checking with your teacher first.

What heavy shoe is the loudest?

As each year passes there is always rumours of what shoe now has the loudest tip. There is another few factors to consider. Some dancers are naturally going to be louder as the physique allows for them to be loud regardless of what shoe they have on.Fiberglass used to be the big thing but in the last couple of years a composit tip has come out on top. A composit tip is made by laying layers upon layers of paper that are fused with glue inbetween each layer making the finished product denser and harder that wood or indeed fiberglass. The extra weight of the tip alone makes for better sound and ultimitly louder noise when hitting the floor.It lasts longer too .

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