Next in Line

Next in Line



Next In Line is the latest CD from Sean O'Brien. Tracks have been clearly marked for beginners, primary, and intermediates/open.


  1. Polkas (128);Brian & Chloe's wedding, Peg Ryan's polka, The cloud crown.
  2. Slip Jigs (124);My mind will never be aisy,I'm the boy for bewitching them, The humours of ballymanus.
  3. Hornpipes (113);Tanya's (Robert Bertram), The Queen of the West.
  4. Reels (116);The mother & child, The trip to cullenstown (Phil Murphy), The bank of Ireland.
  5. Light Jigs (116);Sport,Pip Murphy's,Portpatrick.
  6. Treble Jigs (73);The White Petticoat, The Treblemakers.
  7. Hornpipes (144);The Sailors Hornpipe No.1, The top of the morning.
  8. Slip Jigs (113);Come up stairs with me, Aisling's.
  9. Reels (113);Dr Taylors, The Turnpike, Master Crowley's
  10. Hornpipes (113);Helen O'Brien's,Bantry Bay
  11. Single Jigs (124);Muineira Das Zocas, Muineira De Poio,Hop Break.
  12. Treble Jigs (96);Brendan Tonra's, The lilting fisherman.
  13. Slip Jigs (120);The surround, Polluted pinball.
  14. Treble Jigs (82); A Merry Christmas, The tar road to Sligo.
  15. Slip Jigs (113);Shelley's jig, Fire & ice.
  16. Reels (113); The psychedelic wardrobe, Dino's,Dennis O'Brien's




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