Top Box

Top Box


Dean presents his new CD 'Top Box' a medley of some of favourite tunes.


  1. Hornpipe Medley 1
  2. Reel Medley 1
  3. Heavy Jig Medley 1
  4. Slip Jig Medly 1
  5. Hop Jig Medley
  6. Hornpipe Medley 2
  7. Reel Medley 2
  8. Heavy Jig Medley 2
  9. Slip Jig Medley 2
  10. Light Jig Medley
  11. Showcase

Message from Dean
'Since the recording of my last CD 'The Best that I can be', I feel I have gone from strength to strength..Having won both the World Championships held in Belfast and also the All Ireland Championships held in Belfast, and also the All Ireland Fleadh held in Clonmel...I really do hope that dancers will get the same feeling dancing to my music as I do playing it...My love for both music and dance goes hand in hand. The best thing for me at the moment is my love for my accordian which I just feel is the 'Top Box'




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